Northwest Church of Christ building
3904 38th Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44718
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A.M. – “Godliness With Good Works”
(I Timothy 2:8-15)

(Women In The Church)

P.M.  – “Two Different Types Of Wisdom” Part I
(Isaiah 55:6-9)

Service Times

Sunday:  9:00 a.m. Worship
10:30 a.m. Bible Study
6:00 p.m. Worship
Wednesday:  7:00 p.m. Bible Study



        If there is one question I’ve been asked more often than any other over the years, it is “The church of Christ, what denomination is that?”  The answer I give to this question has never changed.  The church of Christ is not a denomination, but simply a New Testament church.  It is not a part of any organization, or structure, but, rather, each congregation of the church is independent, overseen by a group of elders.

        If you attend the Northwest church, you will find the Bible preached, and taught in our classes for all ages.  You will find a friendly, welcoming group of Christians.  You will experience worship with congregation singing, not accompanied by any instruments of music as the Bible prescribes for the New Testament church.  You will find opportunities to learn more about the word, and will, of God.

        We welcome all guests, and would like to meet you.  The doors are open, people are ready to greet you and make you feel “at home.”  If you want to learn more about the church, its practices and purpose, join us at any of our services, on Sunday, or Wednesday evening.  We look forward to seeing and greeting you at the Northwest church of Christ.

                                                                          Lance Lindenberger,
                                                                          Pulpit Minister

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Lance Lindenberger
Pulpit Minister

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Keith Kull
Bill Craddock
Minister (Evangelism)
John Wright Kathy Theada
John Wright
Future Pulpit Minister
Kathy Kruger
Office Manager
Theada Shepler
Administrative Assistant


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