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March 18, 2018


A.M. –         “The Great Invitation” (John 14:1-7) Keyword: Jesus

P.M.  –        “When God Ran” (John 15:11-24) Keyword: Father

Church Family:Mary Lively: (Mary came home from Aultman Hospital's Critical Care Unit on Friday 3/16/2018). Dolores Ladson is now home. Continue to pray for: Kim Poorman; Carol Shannon; Jessica Hunt; Bernie McFadden; Patrick Shepler; Shannon Simons; Ralph & Margie Lindamood; & Anna Wright.

Friends & Family: Frank (friend of Donna Beard): pneumonia; Greg (son of Loretta Hartman): back surgery at Akron General; Amy Howell (chemo treatments); Joanne Waidman (family of Talina): chemotherapy at Cleveland Clinic. Betty & John Wright (John’s parents; his dad is recovering from surgery at a rehab facility). Cards of encouragement can be sent to: PO Box 385, Beverly, OH  45715. Remember our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces: Garrett Holmes and Aaron J. Dimit (addresses posted on bulletin board), our Brethren in Kenya – and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

DeathWe extend our sympathy to Barb Nutter, Jean Tucke & Frances Ross at the recent passing of their niece, Brenda Archer. A memorial service was held on Friday.

Thank YouThank you for your cards, calls, visits and prayers. A special thanks to John Wright for his hospital visits. Charles is doing much better. In Christian Love, -Charles & Betty Palmer

Birthday Fellowship will be held NEXT Sunday after the evening service. Please bring finger foods, a 2 liter bottle of soda and celebrate with us!

Christian Training SchoolFinal class tomorrow evening @ 7:00 PM.

Golden Agers: Tuesday, March 20th – No Meeting.

Men’s Retreat:    April 27th & 28th. Registration forms are on the tables at the rear of the auditorium.

BirthdayRuth McGill will celebrate her 90th birthday on March 23rd. Let’s help her celebrate with a card shower!

Current Adult Bible Class Offerings

1.   Adult Class – Tom Walton / Auditorium
2.   “Galatians” – Lance Lindenberger /MPR - Center
3.   College Age/Young Adults – John R. Oberlin /Rm #17
4.   30’s Year Olds – Stephen Lindenberger/Rm #12
5.   Evangelism Class – John Wright/Annex

1.   “The Church of Christ: What We Believe And Why” –Duane Glover/Auditorium
2.   “The Holy Spirit” – Lance Lindenberger /Rm #14
3.   Men’s Class – Emmanuel Bradley/Rm #9
4.   Ladies’ Class – Heather Bowser /Rm #7

*Classes are provided for children of all ages*

Potter Children’s Home Pantry Needs (Collection through April 22nd)

>Apple Juice     >Bug Spray      >Hand Soap       >Mandarin Oranges      >Tea Bags                 

Please put your donated items in the bin in the foyer. Thanks!

** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let John R. Oberlin know**

March 18, 2018          A.M.                          P.M.
Song Leader                Duane Glover              Duane Glover
Reading                       Isaiah Shrake               Bob Franks
Communion                Emmanuel Bradley     James Ladson
Offering                      Frank Kruger               Terry Pyles
Prayer                          Eugene Fox                 Tom Walton   
Dismissal                     John R. Oberlin           Gary Palmer               

Serving:                             A.M.                             P.M.

1.  Jim Spencer            5. James Blackwell        1. Chip Angus
2.  Ryan Branch          6. Matt Moser                2. Richard Smith
3.  Michael  Moffett   7. Loren Strayer             3. Todd Bowser
4.  Larry Moffett        8. Rob Simons                4. John Hartley

1. BJ Holmes               3. Todd Scott              1. John R. Oberlin
2. V. Anderson           4. Ned Taggart            2. Ron Franks