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July 16, 2017


A.M. – “Truth And Nothing But The Truth”
         (John 18:37-38; John 8:30-32)


Church Family: Ellen Day is at Aultman/Woodlawn; Barb Cramer was to have surgery at University Hospital on July 14th; Flo Lindamood: The Legends. Also, pray for: Jean Howell; Leo Howard; Jim Tedrick & Patrick Shepler.

Friends & Family:   Karen Smith’s sister, Wilma: diagnosed with tumors in her lungs; Markrine, Jephther and Zilpha Omollo are sick (prayers requested). Freda Thompson; Don Dotson: Hospice (non-responsive). Larry Shepler: pancreatic cancer; Ian Oluoch. Remember our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces: Garrett Holmes and Aaron J. Dimit (addresses posted on bulletin board), our Brethren in Kenya – and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

Death:    We extend our sympathy to Bill & Vee Craddock at recent passing of their son, Mark in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A memorial service was held last Thursday.
Brenda Mason (mother of Amy Howell – daughter-in-law of Jean Howell) passed away Saturday, July 8th. We extend our sympathy to the family.

Placed Membership:   Matt Sands placed his membership here at Northwest last Sunday. His address is in the printed Northwest News. Please welcome our brother in Christ!

Birth:    Chuck & Hope Camarata and Duane Glover are the proud great-grandparents of a new baby boy, Blayne, born to Cory & Jordan Camarata on Tuesday, July 11th. Congratulations to the family!        

GOLDEN AGERSTuesday, July 18th – Bible study and prepared meal (at the building at 10:30 AM). Please sign-up on the GA bulletin board if you plan to attend.

CHURCH PICNIC:   Saturday, August 5th from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM. Please sign-up on the east-wing bulletin board and indicate the number of people in your party and what you will bring. Beverage, hamburgers, hotdogs & chicken provided. 

Allen School Supplies:   Items needed this year are: pencils-(1820); 8-count jumbo crayons-(18); 24-count regular crayons-(471); bottles of glue-(231); glue sticks-(640); sets of markers-(289); sets of colored pencils-(226). A bin has been placed in the foyer for your donations. Thank you for your help!

Current Adult Bible Class Offerings

1.   “I Thessalonians” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Select Topics” – Keith Kull / Room #14
3.   “College Age/Young Adults” – John R. Oberlin / Room #17

1.    “Kingdom Parables” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Revelation” – Duane Glover / Room #14
3.   “Rom – Rev” – (Men’s Class) – E. C. Bradley / Room #9
4.   “LadiesClass”Heather Bowser / Room #7

*Classes are provided for children of all ages*


** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity,let Josh Heid know**

July 16, 2017              A.M.                            P.M.
Opening Prayer            Elder                           Elder
Communion                 Loren Stayer                Tom Walton
Offering                       Jacob Stayer                Jeff Bowser
Prayer                         Darin Nicholls               Doug Clouse
Reading                       John Oberlin                James Ladson 
Text                            John 18:37-38;            SINGING
John 8:30-32              
Dismissal                    Al Tracy                      John Simone

Serving:                           A.M.                              P.M.

1.  Isaiah Ladson         5. Matt Moser              1. Gary Palmer
2.  A. Loughner            6. Bryan Reed             2. Glenn O’Connor
3.  Michael Moffett       7. Mike Moss                3. Todd Scott
4.  Larry Moffett          8. Justin Moss              4. Rob Simons


Ushers:                       A.M.                               P.M.
1.  BJ Holmes              3. Todd Scott                  1. Todd Himebaugh
2.  Josh Heid               4. Gary Palmer               2. Ted Taggart

For The Record (07/09/17)  
AM Worship..................302  
AM Bible Study.............135 
PM Worship...................108 
Wednesday (07/12/17).....99