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December 17, 2017


A.M. – Day #2 “The Day We Get Married”
            Day #3 “The Day We Have Children”
             (2 Corinthians 6:11-18)  Keyword: Family

P.M.  – Day #4 “The Day We Die”
            (Acts 9:36-43)  Keyword: He

Church Family:  Margie Lindamood: Altercare of Alliance. Mary Lively: Hennis in Bolivar (room # 106). Continue to pray for: Dale Hughes (mini strokes), John Day (testing), Darrell & Anna Wright, Ralph Lindamood, Barb Cramer, and Jim Tedrick.

Friends & Family:  Ruth Andrews (sister-in-law of Leila Kindall): moved to St. Joseph’s Care Center; Dale Miller (father-in-law of a co-worker of James Blackwell): Hospice care; Betty Wright (John’s mom): diagnosed with lung cancer. John Wright (John’s dad): diagnosed with an aggressive mass in the esophagus. Cards of encouragement can be sent to PO Box 385, Beverly, OH 45715; Alan Voss (John’s brother-in-law): suffered a heart attack this past week. Bobby (friend of Teddi & Carol Block and Louella Lewis); Maureen Steele: heart problems. Remember our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces: Garrett Holmes and Aaron J. Dimit (addresses posted on bulletin board), our Brethren in Kenya – and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

Death:    Ian Olouch, the son of John & Hasnet Olouch (Africa), passed away December 12th following a lengthy battle with brain cancer. Please pray for this family.

Response:   Chip Angus responded to the invitation last Sunday evening to request prayers for Katelyn (daughter of friends) who has an inoperable brain tumor.
Thank You:    Dear Church Family, I want to thank you for all of your acts of kindness during my recent illness. I have been so blessed by all of you. Special thanks to all who made the trip to Bolivar to visit me. Each of you have brightened my day. Thank you also for the beautiful lap robe. I have showed it to everyone and told them that it was made by the church ladies. Thank you to the young people who gave me the stocking with fruit and goodies and to Janet Hadden for delivering it to me. Thank you to John and Pam Wright for the flowers and for John’s many visits. Thank you for the numerous cards and telephone calls. But thank you most of all for your prayers both past and future as I continue my journey. In Him, -Mary Lively  
A New Classwill begin TODAY in room #12 for 30-40 year olds. Title: “Life Happens” and will be taught by Stephen Lindenberger.

Van DriversThere will be a meeting for ALL van drivers TODAY at 5:00 PM. Please make every effort to attend.

Golden AgersThis Tuesday, December 19th: Bible study then out to eat at Grinders Restaurant. Sign up on the GA bulletin board if you plan to attend.

Save The DateThe 2018 Ladies’ Retreat will be held on March 9th & 10th. Stay tuned for more information!

Acme ReceiptsDeadline to turn in your receipts is TODAY. Thank you for supporting NOCYC.

Current Adult Bible Class Offerings

1.   “God And Spiritual Guilt” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Faith In The Voting Booth” – T. Walton / Room #14
3.   “College Age/Young Adults” – John R. Oberlin / Room #17
4.   “Life Happens” 30-40 year olds – S. Lindenberger/Room #12

1.   “If Christ Had Not Come” – Lance / Auditorium
2.   “Revelation” – Duane Glover / Room #14
3.   “Rom – Rev” – (Men’s Class) – E. C. Bradley / Room #9
4.   “LadiesClass”Heather Bowser / Room #7

*Classes are provided for children of all ages*

** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let Gary Palmer know**

December 17, 2017    A.M.                           P.M.
Song Leader                Duane Glover              Duane Glover
Reading                       John Hartley                Terry Pyles
Communion                Frank Kruger               Doug Clouse
Offering                      Frank Kruger, III        Todd Himebaugh
Prayer                          Howard Koon             Eugene Fox    
Dismissal                     Josh Heid                   Brian Heid

Serving:                             A.M.                             P.M.

1.  Robert Simons       5. Don Higgins               1. Ray Brown
2.  Jim Spencer            6. David Witter             2. Ned Taggart
3.  Bob Stotler             7. Andrew Loughner      3. Bob Stotler
4.  J. Himebaugh         8. Matt Sands                 4. Harry Rose

Ushers:                       A.M.                              P.M.
1.  B.J. Holmes            3. Larry Moffett      1. Brian Dimit
2.  Michael Moffett       4. Chad Holmes      2. Gary Palmer