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February 25, 2018


A.M. –  “Friends Of Jesus” (LANCE) (John 15:12-17
P.M.  –  Devotional / Singing

Church Family: Aultman Hospital: Kim Poorman; Terry Pyles. Darrell Wright is now home. Continue to pray for: Bernie McFadden; Patrick Shepler; Shannon Simons; Jessica Hunt; Margie & Ralph Lindamood; & Anna Wright.

Friends & Family: Betty & John Wright (John’s parents; his dad is scheduled for surgery on March 5th).  Remember our Shut-In members, those in the Armed Forces: Garrett Holmes and Aaron J. Dimit (addresses posted on bulletin board), our Brethren in Kenya – and the Leadership of the Lord’s church here at Northwest.

FYIStarting TODAY, John Wright’s Evangelism class will be moved to the annex building and Lance’s Sunday morning class will be moved to the multi-purpose room (center section).
Beginning the first Wednesday in March, we will no longer assemble in the auditorium before classes. Instead we will go directly to our classes giving our teachers more time for their classes. Any pertinent announcements will be given to each of the adult teachers.   

Birthday Fellowship: Today following the evening service. Bring finger foods, a 2 liter bottle of soda and plan to stay!

New Address:  Hildreth Mayberry is now residing at the Canton Christian Home, 2550 Cleveland Ave NW (Room 246), Canton OH  44709.

Christian Training SchoolEach Monday evening through March 19th, @ 7:00 PM.

Golden Agers: Tuesday, February 27th, Bible Study @10:30, then out to lunch.  Please sign up if you are going.

Men’s Retreat:    April 27th & 28th. Please put this on your calendars and plan to come. More information will be coming soon.

Kids For Christ:   A devotional is scheduled for next Sunday, March 4th immediately following Bible class. Each family is asked to bring a covered dish or dessert. Main course, beverage and rolls will be provided. Sign-up on the teen board and indicate the number of family members attending and what you will bring. See Alycia Taylor or Chery Bradley with questions.

Mission Trip:    Please keep Keith Kull and Doug & Mary Clouse in your prayers and they work for the Lord in Kenya. They will be returning TOMORROW EVENING.

Men’s Wild Game Dinner:   Saturday, March 10th at 6:00 PM here at the building. Sign the sheets on the bulletin board and indicate the number in your party and what you will bring.

Potter Children’s Home Pantry Needs (Collection through April 22nd)

Apple Juice           Bug Spray
Hand Soap            Mandarin Oranges
Tea Bags                 

Please put your donated items in the bin in the foyer. Thanks!

Family And Friends DaySunday, March 18th!  Be thinking, planning and praying about who you might want to invite to worship with us! Invitations are in the foyer for your convenience.

NOTE:  Northwest has purchased access to Polishing the Pulpit 365 audio/visual library.  The library contains thousands of high-quality sermons, Bible classes, and training sessions on CDs and DVDs.  The library is easy to use on computers, smartphones, and tablets.  Search by speaker, topic, Bible book and more.  Download audios to listen on the go.  Please contact Brian Heid if you have any questions or problems accessing the website.  Also, FYI: The MP3 audio from each week’s AM and PM sermons are being uploaded to the Northwest Website.

** If you are unable to serve in the scheduled capacity, let Gary Palmer know**

February 25, 2018     A.M.                          P.M.
Song Leader                Duane Glover              Duane Glover
Reading                       Lance Lindenberger   Jim Jacobs
Communion                Harry Rose                  Richard Smith
Offering                      Bob Franks                  Terry Pyles
Prayer                          Bill Dimit                    Leo Howard   
Dismissal                     Bill Craddock             Ron Franks

Serving:                             A.M.                             P.M.

1.  Matt Logan            5. Don Higgins               1. Glenn O’Connor
2.  A. Loughner           6. Chad Holmes            2. David Shrader
3.  S. Lindenberger     7. B. J. Holmes               3. Todd Scott
4.  J. Himebaugh         8. Frank Kruger, III       4. Matt Sands

1. Larry Moffett         3. Ned Taggart            1. BJ Holmes
2. Josh Heid                4. Michael Moffett     2. Todd Bowser